Blanc comme neige

Snow white

Christmas is 2 weeks away and we've already received our fresh share of snow!

Just like humans, we believe that dogs have their favorite season and our dogs here at The Pets Ark love this time of year.

Below are a few things to be aware of when it comes to dogs during a cold and snowy winter season!

Make sure your dog sleeps in a warm bed

Add blankets to his favorite spot and use raised beds to make sure your dog doesn't sleep on cold slabs. Using a heated bed can also help older dogs with arthritis.

Be sure to place them away from heaters and fireplaces to avoid unnecessary burns!

We have everything you need at ThePetsArk, including our newest creation, the BuddyBed - Memory Foam Dog Bed. 


 For a restful sleep. The 7 cm high frame will protect it from drafts.
The BuddyBed is made of 15 cm of 22D memory foam for an unprecedented comfort and a very good distribution of the pressure points which also spares the joints, stimulates the blood circulation and adapts perfectly to the shape of your dog.
The bed cover is made of a velvet material that is completely waterproof, easily removable and machine washable. The bottom of the bed is made of non-slip insulating material, so it can be used on all surfaces without any problems.


 Warm blanket


Machine washable fleece fabric


Get out when the sun shines

Enjoy the benefits of vitamin D by taking a short walk or playing outside when the sun is out. In winter, we recommend walking your dog in the late morning or early afternoon to avoid cold temperatures.

Short, frequent walks are preferable to long walks!


How do I know if my dog is cold?

Some breeds are blessed with a very thick coat that naturally keeps them warm, but other short-haired breeds may not be able to handle the same temperatures.

Young and older dogs also have trouble regulating their body temperature, so keep this in mind before you go outside.

If you're outside without a coat and you're cold, it probably means your dog needs an extra layer too!

Warm raincoat for dogs


Made of ultra-light polyester on the outside, machine washable
Your dog stays warm and visible thanks to the reflective strips on the raincoat.
Attaches and removes in a second


Make sure he gets enough exercise

Ce n'est pas parce qu'il fait froid dehors qu'il ne peut pas bouger ! Adaptez la quantité de nourriture à leur niveau d'activité pour vous assurer qu'ils ne prennent pas de poids pendant ces mois froids.

Embroidered LED collar and leash pack

3 light modes (constant, fast flashing, slow flashing)
Waterproof Up to 8 hours battery life
Rechargeable battery with USB charger included


Avoid dehydration

Yes, a dog can get dehydrated in winter too!
Snow does not count as water!

Always have a bowl of fresh water and make sure your dog drinks enough during the day.

 BuddyBowl - Elevated bowls


Suitable for all dogs, thanks to its retractable and height-adjustable support, from 10 to 70 cm
Contains a stainless steel support and two independent stainless steel bowls Ø 23cm, 2L
Easy to maintain, resistant, stable and anti-slip 


Bad season for osteoarthritis

Cold weather is likely to have an impact on your senior dog, especially when it comes to osteoarthritis.

Maintain your exercise routine and watch out for slippery surfaces to make sure they don't injure themselves further. You can also give them joint supplements to get them through the winter without a scratch.

Beware of frostbite and hypothermia

When a dog spends too much time in the cold, blood is drawn from the extremities to the center of the body to keep the organs warm.

When a dog spends too much time in the cold, blood is drawn from the extremities to the center of the body to keep the organs warm. The extremities are left unprotected and frostbite can occur, on the ears, paws or tail.

Dogs can also shake and become lethargic - with cold temperatures, the muscles stiffen and this can also weaken their heart.

Winter salt and antifreeze

They are both harmful, be sure to put them away and, if possible, avoid city sidewalks or clean your dog's paws so he doesn't lick them!



See you next time on The Pets Ark!

The Pets Ark family


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