Comment choisir le lit pour son chien ?

How to choose the bed for your dog?

Dogs are like us, they need optimal sleeping and comfort for their physical and mental well-being.

For indoor or outdoor use, there are various materials, shapes and equipment to find the best comfort for your dog.


How to choose your bed ?

There are many different types of dog beds.

First of all, cushions and mats are the most practical because they can be transported and are less bulky than a hard basket. Most of the time, cushions are removable and can be washed if needed.

chien couché sur un tapis

Some contain memory foam, which is highly recommended for older dogs (prone to arthritis or other orthopedic problems). Others are made with extremely resistant, even waterproof, textiles, which allow them to be placed outdoors.

You can also find dog baskets, usually made of plastic, fabric or wicker. These are usually made with raised edges on the sides and back, giving your dog an enclosed area to feel safe.

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Plastic crates are the easiest to clean, but require the addition of plaids, blankets or other mattresses to enhance the rough comfort of the plastic.

Fabric or leather baskets are generally more suitable for adult dogs that do not chew or destroy objects. Beware of scratches on leather and be sure to provide a removable fabric that can be easily washed.

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Wicker baskets are not recommended for dogs that would like to chew their bed, at the risk of swallowing pieces of wicker that could cause intestinal problems.

If your dog sleeps outside, it is recommended to use a wooden doghouse, which is less cold and less fragile than a plastic one.

It is important to mention that a kennel must be easily accessible to facilitate maintenance, cleaning and disinfection. It is preferable that the kennel be slightly elevated and insulated to protect your dog from heat or cold.

Keep in mind that you can add blankets, plaids or even cooling mats, such as the one proposed in our store, which does not require any special handling (the cold is activated by pressure).


It is important that your dog's bed (or basket) be adapted to his size and shape to allow for maximum comfort. The best would be to offer him a bed of slightly larger size and spaciousness to allow the dog to move and change position without leaving his bed.

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It is advisable to change the size of the bed as your dog grows, if you adopt him as a puppy. If necessary, you can pad the bed with foam or blankets to make your small dog more comfortable in its large bed.

Don't skimp on comfort, especially if your dog is getting older. Older dogs are heavily affected by osteoarthritis and other joint problems. It's a good idea to add some softness and comfort to his bed to help him rest better.


How to make your dog sleep in his bed?

First of all, you have to be patient, Rome was not built in a day!

Then, you have to define the place where you want your dog to lie down, to determine where he belongs. It is advisable at the beginning to offer him only one place; a place that he knows, that is familiar to him and where he feels good. The best is a quiet place so that he can rest well!

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Learning can be complicated at first, it will require repeated training. Reward good deeds with treats, cuddles and sweet words, you can also leave his favorite toy in his place so that he wants to settle there.

To make your dog want to rest, you must first spend some time with him! Sufficient daily exercise will help your dog rest well at night.

Some dogs prefer to sleep on the floor, while others are more comfortable. Listen to your dog and adapt to his preferences!



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