Comment choisir un élevage ?

How to choose your breeder ?

Congratulations! You've made the decision, you want to welcome a puppy home.

You've probably decided on the breed you want, now you have to make the difficult choice of your kennel.


But why should you be careful with this decision?

The choice of a breeder is essential and determines the health of the puppy and its future behavior. It is not an element to be taken lightly!

Selecting the best breeder allows you to put all the chances on your side to welcome a puppy in good health, well in its paws, and to apprehend a serene future with your new best friend!

But then, what does a good breeder look like?

He must absolutely be professional (and registered as such), the Sunday breeders can of course get you a healthy puppy, but it is not their job, just a hobby, and this can cause problems.

The job of a professional is to select breeding dogs with care and according to precise breed criteria. Genetics plays an important part in the development of puppies, so you must not neglect the marriages. The work continues when the puppies are born, where the socialization of the puppies is more than important to their development (put in situation with other dogs, other animals, interior and exterior grounds, noises, and even socialization with the human and the children).

The breeder's work is therefore relentless even before the mating and until you leave the kennel with your puppy after the minimum eight weeks required to wean a puppy.


How to select him ?

It is important that you visit the kennel at least once before proceeding with your adoption.

A visit will allow you to see the conditions in which the dogs are raised, and will allow you to discuss with the breeder in more detail.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, the breeder should be able to answer all your questions and will be happy to do so.

Single breeders are to be preferred. Although there are some very good multi-breed breeders, a single breed breeder is more often an expert, and does not give in to the temptations of fashionable breeds.

It is important to check that breeders do not breed more than one litter per year per female, and that she has rest periods. If the breeder breeds the female at every heat period, you are faced with mass breeding, and this is not recommended.

Breeders should also have their breeding dogs tested for any hereditary or breed-related problems, and the test results should be made available upon request. In some breeds, the puppies will also have been tested after birth for deafness, diseases, etc. The results must be made known to you.

A good breeder will in turn ask you questions about your lifestyle, your habits, etc. His job will also be to find the best families for his dogs.

Following an adoption contract, your professional breeder will send you, at least

  • The dog's passport, as well as its identification card, in your name
  • Its pedigree or birth certificate
  • A vaccination booklet with the first vaccinations in order and a health check-up done by a veterinarian
  • Information about the breed, as well as advice for your new life
  • A small starter pack, usually containing the food your dog has eaten so far. Some breeders include toys, treats, a small blanket and other accessories.


Keep in mind that a puppy can also be adopted from a shelter or association. The same practices are recommended, regardless of the structure.



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