Couper les griffes de votre chien

Trimming your dog's nails

Does the idea make you nervous?  

It's normal! We've all put off clipping our nails at least once, and we've certainly all delegated the task to our veterinarian at least once during a visit.

Even though it is a completely painless procedure, nail trimming is sometimes difficult for both the owner and the dog.

Very active dogs that are used to walking on hard surfaces on a regular basis trim their nails naturally. Other dogs, however, need more frequent care.

Long nails can quickly injure your dog, walking on hard floors puts too much pressure on the toe joint, forcing your dog to walk painfully, or even twist to the side. It is therefore important to pay special attention to his gait and the length of his nails.


We recommend the use of pet-friendly nail clippers, such as scissor-type clippers. Choose the right size for your dog - only large breeds will need larger models. Replace your tool as soon as it loses its sharpness - it is important that the cut is clean and does not crumble the claw. Electric nail clippers are also available, but they are noisy and can be frightening to the most sensitive.

Rome wasn't built in a day - take the time to get your dog used to you touching his paws, it will help you and avoid any drama when you need to trim his nails. Introduce your dog to your nail clippers and let him get used to them.

Make sure your dog needs a trim - to do this, check the position of the nails when standing, does the nail go to the side? Is your dog dragging his paws? Do you hear tapping when he walks? Up close, on white or transparent claws, can you see the pink part (the nerve)? If the pink is far away, you can cut, otherwise you will have to wait at the risk of hurting your dog. Another way to be sure, if your dog's claw is sticking out of the paw pad, it's time for a pedicure.

Put your dog at ease, do not use force at the risk of frightening him more than he is already. Choose a quiet time of day, without too many outside distractions.  Have treats on hand to get his attention, and always praise him, even if you've only managed to cut one claw! Your dog should see this as play and fun, not the other way around!

It's best to have a small dog on your lap, and have your large dog lie on his side so you can access his nails.

Keep calm and your dog will do the same, but don't rush, as you might cut too short and hurt him. Take the paw in your hand and move forward little by little on all the nails. Do not put too much pressure on the toes, it can hurt!

In case of a too short cut (it happens!), always keep an antiseptic solution and something to put pressure on the wound, until it stops bleeding.

Don't try to make a cut if you are not comfortable and relaxed, your dog will know. If you can't get it all done at once, no problem! Come back later!

In summary, no one will judge you if you don't always succeed, our dog friends don't always help us. It is important that this moment remains positive and peaceful.




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