Faits amusants sur nos chats

Fun cat facts

If you love cats like we do, you may be surprised by the secret details they are hiding from us !

Here’s a compilation of 14 fun facts about cats you probably didn’t know until now!


1. Cats are descended from lions

And still share 95% of their genetic heritage.


2. Cats are not nocturnal animals

They are actually crepuscular. This means that they are very active at dawn and dusk. In the wild, this is when they start hunting.

Full moon cat


3. Cats spend 2/3 of their life sleeping

    That is to say between 13 and 16 hours a day!

    Sleeping cat


    4. Cats spend their time grooming

      Apart from cleaning their fur, it also allows them to reduce their body temperature, improve their blood circulation and heal their coat. Their saliva also contains enzymes that act as antibiotics in case of injury.

      Cats grooming


      5. Cats have 20% better vision than humans

        With a peripheral vision of 200°. They see as well in the dark as they do in daylight.

        On the other hand, cats are hyperopic, which means that they cannot see objects right under their nose.

        Cat with bright eyes


        6. A cat can reach a speed of 48 km/h

          and could therefore beat the fastest sprinters!


          Cat on a skate board

          7. Cats have floating collarbones

            If the head goes, everything goes! This explains why they can be found in confined spaces, in which they also settle for a feeling of increased security.


            Cat in a house


            8. Cats have a vocabulary of over 100 different sounds

              Each sound has its own meaning. Among these sounds, some are strictly reserved for their owner.




              9. Cats do not have as many taste buds as humans or dogs

                They only have 500. This is because they need meat to survive, their diet is not supposed to be varied, they don't need more.


                White cat eating


                10. Most cats are lactose intolerant

                  It is better to give them adapted food.


                  11. Cats have more whiskers than you think

                    Whiskers help them "see". They are located on the muzzle and above the eyes, but can also be found on the back or behind the paws.

                    Whiskers vibrate with airflow or by touching objects, which sends a message to the nervous system and allows the cat to determine the size, shape and speed of its surroundings.


                    12. Cats should not eat raw fish

                      For the same reasons as humans, raw fish can contain bacteria and can cause food poisoning.


                      Kitten with food

                      13. Their ears contain 32 muscles

                        This allows them to move them independently, up to a 180° rotation.

                        The triangular part at the top of the pinna allows the cat to pick up and amplify sounds.


                        Cat ears


                        14. Cats walk like giraffes and dromedaries

                          By putting their two right legs forward and then their two left legs, the gait allows them to put each half of their body forward at once.



                          Cat walking


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