Faits amusants sur nos chiens

Fun dog facts

If you love dogs like we do, you may be surprised by the secret details they are hiding from us !

Here’s a compilation of 12 fun facts about dogs you probably didn’t know until now!


1. There are around 900 million dogs worldwide

About 80% of them are not owned by humans. France is the country with the most pet dogs with a dog to human ratio of 17 to 100.

Dogs over a wall

2. Puppies are born blind and deaf

But rest assured, most of them open their eyes and respond to noises after about two weeks.

Puppies in a basket


3. Their nose is the equivalent of our fingerprints

No two dog noses are the same – they have a unique pattern of ridges and creases.

Dog nose


4. They are not colorblind

They do have trouble distinguishing shades of green and red, but they do see colors such as grays, browns, blues and yellows.

Dog with colored scarf

5. The reason dogs sleep curled up

    Comes from their basic instinct to protect their vital organs and to keep themselves warm while they sleep.

    Puppy sleeping

    6. Their sense of smell is 40 times better than ours

    Thanks to hundreds of millions of scent receptors, making them the best in sniffing out activities, to find drugs, bodies, bugs, explosives, and so on.

    Sniffing dog

    7. Their hearing is better than ours, too

      They can pick up sounds that humans simply cannot detect.

      Puppy with ears up

      8. We have more taste buds than they do

        They have about 1700 taste bugs while we have around 9000. That explains their rather less discriminatory taste when it comes to food!

        Dog tongue

        9. Dogs speak with their tails

          Researchers have matched each of the following to a key emotion:

          Tail wagging to the right = happy
          Tail wagging to the left = frightened
          Tail is low = insecure
          Rapid tail wagging = aggression

          Dog's bottom

          10. Your dog’s paws smell like corn

            Commonly called “frito feet”, this happens when sweat and bacteria build up.


            Down dog with paws

            11. Dogs prefer to poop facing North or South

            Have you noticed the twirling? This may be due to them adjusting their orientation!


            Dog running with woman

            12. They don’t yawn because they’re sleepy

            Instead, yawning may indicate anxiety or stress.


            Dog with glasses yawning


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