Nos amis les chats

Our feline friends

Whether you have a cat at home, or have met one at a friend's house, you'll agree that cats are unpredictable creatures with very different habits than our dog friends.

To better understand them, we've studied their every move and compiled some very specific feline behaviors! You'll probably recognize your kitty in the following!

Is your cat staring at you?

He's not hunting or wondering how he'll attack your feet! The fact that they stare at their owner is certainly the result of a lack of attention, whether they are hungry, thirsty, want to go out, play or just want some petting, don't be indifferent if your cat stares at you!

Your cat runs and jumps on the furniture? 

Cats are dexterous and agile and have wild instincts, so you'll probably see them running from one end of your living room to the other and jumping uncontrollably onto furniture or your sofa. This is his daily exercise, which some people call "cat madness"!

Apartment cats still need exercise, so this behavior will allow them to let off steam and expend their energy by running or jumping.

Did you know that a cat can reach a speed of 46km/h in full race!

If your cat has the habit of getting into trouble at night, don't hesitate to let off steam during the day with games (or a grocery receipt turned into a ball) to spend a peaceful night!

Does your cat rub up against you?

If so, let him ! By doing so, your cat connects to her familiar surroundings and offers you their full trust. By rubbing its face, the cat will deposit pheromones (called friendship pheromones) on you and thanks to its developed sense of smell, will feel safe by your side.

If your cat sniffs your face, let him do it too! He will simply imbibe your scent that he knows well, and that will reassure him and bring him simple happiness.

Even better, your cat loves to rest in your arms, against you. Again, this is a great sign of trust from your feline. It's probably the safest place for them to be. Some people think that your heartbeat reminds them of their mother. Cats are sentimental, after all!

Does your cat bring you gifts from outside?

Don't take it the wrong way! Although they are often dead birds or mice, your cat was only following his or her primal hunting instinct and thought of you and brought you a gift from his or her walk!

Sharing his discovery with you proves that the cat considers you an integral part of his family and that you deserve a gift. 

It's also an act of pride - the cat is bringing you back his prey to make you proud! Even if it's not very pleasant for us humans, we must congratulate him!

Is your cat kneading?

Whether it's your couch, the blanket, the basket or even on you, cats often have this special habit of kneading with their paws. Most of the time, they purr at the same time!

This is a primitive instinct for them, which comes from their birth, where they had to massage their mother's nipples to get the milk out. It is also an act of well-being, or reassurance if your cat has had a stressful experience. It can also be a gesture that will serve to mark its territory. 

Does your cat nap in the most unusual places?

Unlike dogs, who will nap in their spot, in a comfortable bed or on the couch, cats are much more imaginative when it comes to resting for a while.

You've probably already caught him napping in the sink, in a box or in your closet, right? Cats will actually prefer to rest in confined areas, away from noise and light to feel safe and relaxed.

So, did you recognize your feline friend ?


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