Pourquoi les chiens aiment se mettre au soleil ?

Why dogs like to be out in the sun?

Does your dog prefer to bask in the sun at home too, enjoying the few rays or even the whole afternoon?

Some breeds of dogs are naturally cold (greyhounds, whippets, etc.) but most of them enjoy the warmth of the sun and their instinct to take naps in the sun.     


Vitamin D

It is the vitamin that helps us consolidate calcium, so exposure to the sun (in moderation) helps bones and teeth to be stronger.


A nervous system hormone, it has an effect on mood, sleep and appetite. The morning sunshine will improve your dog's general mood (it works on you, too!)

The production of melatonin (sleep hormone) is also impacted, which improves the quality of your four-legged friend's nap.

More generally, sunny naps strengthen the immune system and relieve joint pain. Perfect for your older dog or a dog with joint pain.

More recent studies suggest that at least 30 minutes of daily exposure may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and lower blood pressure.

A good nap in a warm room can also simply warm you up when it's cold outside!

Be careful, it is important to remember that too much exposure or too long is not beneficial; on the contrary, it could cause dehydration, sunburn or heat stroke. Check out our blog on summer heat stroke here.


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