Tout savoir sur le chien-loup américain

All about the American Wolf Dog

Born from a cross between a domestic dog and a wolf, the American Wolf Dog is becoming more and more popular and has a variety of traits.

Not to be confused with the Husky or the Malamute, which are quite popular and also commonly called wolfdogs, although they do not actually have any direct wolf genes.
A wolfhound can be a crossbreed with breeds like the German Shepherd, for their more family-oriented character, but also with Nordic dog breeds, so as not to alter the appearance too much.

A wolfhound is considered a domestic animal from the fifth generation (F5). An F1 hybrid is the result of a cross between a wolf and a dog. An F2 is the result of crossing an F1 with a dog, etc. Be careful, an F1 will not necessarily have 50% of wolf genes.

Character and behavior

Its origin makes it a dog that requires a particular and long socialization work from its youngest age. It is a breed that is not recommended for novices.

If wolf dogs are generally very affectionate with their family members, they keep their distance with strangers.

Hierarchy is very important to these dogs, and they will enjoy living with one or more other dogs. These are dogs that can quickly become destructive when bored.

They are very high energy dogs, which will require sufficient physical activity coupled with regular mental stimulation.
Wolf dogs are very intelligent and can easily become working dogs.

Do not get a wolf dog to guard your property, as this breed does not have the qualities of a guard dog.
The wolfhound will communicate through its body language, but also with its voice. Howling is common and can become a nuisance.


Physical characteristics

It is a large breed dog, the size can vary between 63 and 92 cm at the withers, with a weight of 25 to 65kg for the largest males.

Their hair is of medium length, with a coat that is generally black, white, gray or sandy and without spots.

The skull of the wolfdog keeps a very lupoid aspect, the eyes, the nose, the lips and the pads are pigmented with black.

The jaw is strong, with slightly curved canines, the ears are erect and set high.

The eyes are small, almond-shaped. The eyes of an adult are very seldom blue or clear. They are usually yellow, green, amber or brown.

A particularity of the wolfhound is that its paws are webbed, which makes it an excellent swimmer.



Wolf dogs are curious by nature and like to move around to discover their environment. A well-fenced area (both up and down) is therefore essential. Wolf dogs like to be up high to observe their surroundings.

Wolf Winter Syndrome

This is a rise in hormones that occurs in winter (the reproductive stage of wolves) that can make the dog aggressive and very irritable. This is why breeders recommend neutering.



The puppies are always dark, black, brown or charcoal (common trait of the wolf, in which the puppies are always born dark, except in case of abnormality, the white puppies are then albinos).

Their life expectancy is from 12 to 18 years. Wolf dogs have no known breed-specific diseases.

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