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More commonly known as the Amstaff, this dog is often assimilated to a dangerous or attack dog whose possession is, in most European countries, conditioned or even forbidden. However, it is the dog breed that the English call "nanny dog".

There is no need to prove to you that it is the owners and their dubious practices that make these dogs aggressive animals.

Get over the stigma and discover an intelligent, loyal and faithful companion.




The American Staffordshire Terrier is a breed resulting from several crosses between the bulldog and the terrier. The breed was first created in Canada before being exported to England in the 19th century. It is at this time that the breed is used for dog fighting. The breed was then exported to the United States to be improved by American breeders.

The Amstaff is recognized in France since 1987.


Character and behavior

Despite its fighting history, the Amstaff is an affectionate, patient and gentle dog - it obviously requires a firm and soft training for this dog to become a perfect family companion.

Although often very attached to his master, the dog also needs his independence.

Some individuals can be more stubborn or dominant than others, a work is then to be made on the education.

The Amstaff likes to cuddle as much as to play, so it will be necessary to balance the two during the day.

A well-socialized Amstaff will bark very little - unlike an Amstaff that is less comfortable with his peers.

The breed is particularly at ease with children, the dogs know how to behave in a gentle and attentive way with the smallest.


Physical characteristics

The biggest characteristic of the breed is the massive head and the extremely muscular and robust body.

The Amstaff is not very tall, between 43 and 48 cm at the withers, for an average weight of 25kgs.

The coat is short, the ears half erect, the tail is rather short and the eyes are round and wide apart.

The coat can be unicolored or multicolored, as long as the white does not exceed 80% of the dog's body.



The Amstaff needs to get enough exercise during the day. It is a good guardian, if you live in a house, but a life in apartment can quite suit him if the walks are frequent and sufficient.

The dog resists rather well to strong heat, and a little less to very cold weather.

In France, the Amstaff is a categorized dog (2 if LOF, 1 if not LOF). Obligations are to be expected in this situation, such as the wearing of a leash, collar and muzzle in public spaces, but also an insurance, a possession permit, as well as several other documents to be produced to announce the dog.



Except for weekly brushing, the Amstaff does not require any particular care.




The Amstaff's diet must obviously follow its needs, in relation to its growth but also in relation to its daily energy expenditure. A diet rich in protein is recommended, with its musculature.



The Amstaff is a robust dog, generally in good health if its outings are sufficient.

Some heart diseases (genetic) can affect the breed, some individuals can also develop dysplasia due to their average size.

The breed can also develop dermatitis, depending on their environment.



An Amstaff lives on average 13 years.

Although of very close origin, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier are regarded as two different races in the majority of the countries but not in France, where only the American Staffordshire Terrier is regarded as a race of "type Pit Bull".



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