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The dogo argentino is a breed that was established in 1928 by an Argentinean doctor, who wanted this breed for hunting purposes. He wanted it white, to differentiate it from the game.

The dogo argentino is a cross between the Cordoba dog, the Great Dane, the Mastiff of Bordeaux, the Pointer and the Boxer. The breed was only recognized worldwide in the 1970s.

In Argentina, the breed is mainly used to hunt puma and wild boar. 

Character and behavior

The dogo argentino may appear aggressive at first glance, but is a balanced dog, which combines strength, courage and temperament with affection, loyalty and gentleness.

It is a dog that can be used as a hunting dog, as well as a family dog.

The dog is very affectionate and protective towards his masters, he is calm and composed in an environment he knows. It is a breed that is not afraid of children, of rare loyalty and that doubles its attention when little ones are around.

He can be wary of strangers and other animals, but a good sensitization allows the dogo argentino to be fulfilled in all circumstances.

It is a dog that does not bark much but is always ready to play.

Placed in the wrong hands, his imposing physique and his musculature can make it a dog to fear.

The dogo argentino, thanks to its extremely balanced character, is endowed with an extreme intelligence, which can make it stubborn and difficult to train. It is advised to the owners to have previous experiences with dogs before adopting a dogo argentino.

The owners must have a careful, applied and firm education on the long term to allow the dogo argentino to become the perfect obedient dog. 

A dogo argentino will blossom with a firm but loving education. He must feel safe. 

Physical characteristics

The dogo argentino has a powerful and muscular jaw, his body is massive but harmonious. The skull is convex, the eyes are black or brown in the shape of almond. In rare cases, puppies are born with blue eyes. The thick tail falls to the hock. The coat is white and the hair is short and smooth. Some have large black spots on the head, in addition to small pigmentation spots on the body.

The standard height varies between 60 and 65 cm. The average weight is between 40 and 50 kg. 


It is preferable for this breed to live in a house with a garden, especially due to its imposing size. Nevertheless, the dogo argentino adapts easily as long as it feels safe. It is a breed that can handle both the heat and the cold.

The dogo argentino can handle being alone as long as the walks remain frequent.

A bored dogo argentino can easily destroy everything around him, he must be busy at all times!

It is a hunting dog, and can easily run away, be careful with open gates and low fences.


A dogo argentino in good general health is very robust. He can however easily gain weight, which will have to be watched.

It is a dog whose care is very easy, a weekly brushing is enough. It is a dog that does not drool.


The feeding of the dogo argentino must be qualitative and this, from his youngest age. The growth of the dog is very rapid which requires an adequate diet to avoid further articular and muscular problems.


The white coat of the dogo argentino predisposes him to deafness problems, which can be detected in the puppy. Sunburns are also possible, due to the white coat and the short hair. Some dogos also have skin problems, due to their food sensitivity.

Due to its large size and rapid growth, the breed is unfortunately prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.

The large size of the dog also predisposes it to gastric torsion problems, if the animal exercises too much just before or just after meals. 


The average life expectancy of a dogo argentino is 12 years.

The ears were docked at the time, which is now forbidden in many countries.

In the wrong hands, his imposing physique and musculature can make it a dog to be feared. Many countries in the world consider this breed dangerous.

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Moon is an excellent watchdog but has never been aggressive. She gets along perfectly with dogs, cats and even chickens! 


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